The Darkness Issue: A Closer Look


Today we take a closer look at PF Vol.8.5; The Darkness Issue. 
We’ve previewed some of the content before, but we’d like to take a moment to highlight the production details of this newest labor of love. 
The magazine is over 100 pages of new photography from Austin photographers Wil Winder, Calvin Millar, and Ryan Cross (MrGlass) as well as a photo essay from Bay Area graffiti master; RENOS, whose contribution is mostly 35mm and taken during the early part of the 2000’s. 
This issue sees the second appearance of a perfect bound cover, with full color printing, a bit of a rarity for the normally saddle-stitched publication. Inside the magazine, a mix of vibrant full color images and high contrast black and white printing are complemented with a premium 60lb uncoated paper stock that had a soft supple feel while flipping through the pages. 
Boasting more content than previous issues, Vol.8.5 features over 100 pages of girls, graffiti, skateboarding and an exclusive interview with RENOS. The new issue is available now at TheDeadBirdProject

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