Submissions FAQ and Contact Information

What kind of images is PUREFILTH looking for? .
Our interest lies in impromptu lifestyle photography; where nudity is present, but not the the main focus of the subject. We enjoy voyeuristic photos, a way to see the model in a natural and personality driven setting.
We are equally interested in high quality photos of tags, throw-ups, black book sketches, raw street painting, works in progress, images that give a sense of how the writer lives and works and action photos shot by photographers or graffiti artists.   
We will not accept studio or outdoor photography, anything that has already been published online (yes, facebook and tumblr count) or in other publications. Also – no permission walls.

What kind of artists does PUREFILTH feature?
We aim to feature new models, graffiti artists and photographers that are up and coming or recently established in their industry, making quality work that differs from the norm and stimulates the senses.

How many images are required for print publication?
Each featured artist is asked to have 18-24 high res photos available for publication.
D.I.Y.F.S. models can be featured with anywhere from 8 to 16 high res photos.

How many images are required for Online Articles?
Our Online Articles may use 4 to 16 images.

How many images should I send for my submission?
You can zip or dropbox us your photo folder, or send 8-12 lower resolution images.

Do my images have to be in color?
Images can be in color or b&w. PUREFILTH is printed in b&w, but Online Articles may use both.

Can I submit images of a variety of models/writers?
You can submit photos of multiple models and writers as a Featured Photographer in an Online Article, however our print publication only features one model, one graffiti artist and one D.I.Y.F.S. model. If you’re submitting for PUREFILTH in print, please only send images of models and graffiti artists that you have the required amount of photos of for publication.

Does the model or graffiti artist I’m presenting need to know I’m submitting them?
If you are submitting to our print publication any model, photographer or graffiti artist must be available for interview. If you are submitting to our Online Articles it’s up to you whether you want to tell them or not. Of course you should, how else are they going to be stoked about it?

What is D.I.Y.F.S.?
Do It Your Fucking Self is a feature dedicated to beautiful women taking sensual self-shots. In print the feature is 2-4 pages long, Online Articles 4-10 photos. The model is not interviewed, but does have a two paragraph introduction written by either the model or a PUREFILTH staff writer.

Can my friend help me take D.I.Y.F.S. photos?
Photos must have been shot by the model herself using either a timer, remote or stretching her arm out. We will not accept any cell phone, webcam or myspace-style photos.

Is there a submission deadline for each issue?
There are no submission deadlines for either print or web. We are always accepting submissions and encourage folks to submit anytime they have new works we might like.

How to submit
To submit to the PUREFILTH Tumblr, click here.

Send photos and a mini-bio to

8 responses to “Submissions FAQ and Contact Information

  1. i know an artist that would like to be in the mag.she also would like to model in it and show her artwork skills,cute girl +graffiti skills =win win,let me know how we can go about this?

  2. Hey it’s hard to send all the pictures as they require hi-res, is it okay sending separate emails with 2 each? Would be 12 emails, don’t want to bombard you guys hahah

    • Hey, im a local graffiti artist/photographer in northern cali, i go to various unknown spots in the bay area for a living, and always collecting skate footage from AM skaters from dgk. I would love to help pure filth magazine reach its full potential. Pls contact me at

  3. My apologies if this is answered somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it. How would one go about submitting a sample piece of writing or inquire about writing articles for Filth? I personally think my writing style is a perfect fit for the magazine. I have MANNNY intriguing experiences and need a place to hemorage them out to share with others. Thanks in advance for your response! 🙂

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