Heritage & Commerce // FLINT For 12ozProphet

Our friends over at 12ozProphet have just dropped a really amazing collection of photo tees featuring the work of legendary writer/photographer FLINT.

FLINT got his start writing his name cross-country in the late ’60’s, and served as one of the very first documenters of graffiti writers in action and providing possibly the earliest pics of kids hitting the insides of trains with markers in the early 70’s.
The shirts in and of themselves are downright amazing. Please understand, everything 12oz does is quality. As a screen printer myself, the photographic achievement of the prints is enviable and very well done. Along with a quality tee, and tasteful branding with subtle woven labeling, the overall presentation puts some of the most ambitious streetwear labels to shame.

The collection is availble now at their Webstore

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