Conversation with Jacq the Stripper

Quinn Cornchip recently caught up w stripper, artist, comedian and all around baddy – Jacq the Stripper to talk about her new book, weird fetishes and more. Photos taken by Chelsea Nyegaard.

In a world of “Instagram famous” artists and newfangled ways to read books, what made you choose to print a coffee table book over an app or a pay site? 

Because I want these stories on people’s coffee tables. Strippers need to be humanized, so what better way than to learn about us than from the comfort of your living room?

Have you been inspired by DIY book people? If so, who?

Erika Moen has published her web comic, Oh Joy Sex Toy and self-published them as anthologies using Kickstarter for a few years. She has been so inspiring and has also been really generous with insight and advice on how to do it ALL yourself. 

Your Kickstarter says that the new book is an “educational journey.” What are you hoping people learn from reading?

I hope STRIPTASTIC! educates non-strippers about how brilliantly challenging the job is, and inspires people to come out and support us. I feel like a lot of young people are starting to come to strip clubs to prove that they’re cool, but really how great would it be if they came out because they value and respect the art and hustle of stripping? Strippers are FANTASTIC entertainers, and we should be treated with the respect that a great entertainer deserves

Read full interview on BADBOOKSLTD

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