A Conversation With RENOS : Skateboarding & Graffiti

As the release of our 8th issue draws closer and closer, we wanted to share with you some of the thoughts behind the Bay-area legend; RENOS.

I first discovered his work via VAPORS Magazine, which was one of the better street culture mags available to the general public in the early 2000’s. I was immediately impressed with his intelligence, his passion for writing his name and riding his skateboard. It is truly an honor to be able to share this with you, I hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out for the print version coming very soon.
– MrGlass

What are your favorite moments in graffiti? Everyone has their little things they love; a fat cap on a favorite brand of paint, chrome on a rusty boxcar, a flooded mop tag on a brand new newspaper box, etc. What are those things that make you love writing your name?

Late nights and desolate streets in any city in the world…that 3AM lurkwalk when everyone else is asleep and you are free to do your thing. Usually solo…with fresh new supplies. I have had these same nights in many cities and I enjoy them the most- making your way back to the crib at 8AM, ink stains on your hands, all supplies emptied, surfaces crushed…I enjoy it all. But those late night adventures moonwalking the hoods; that feeling is epic.

photo 2

What does skateboarding mean to you? How did you discover it?

Skateboarding means freedom to me. Being totally free to do whatever the hell you want…anytime, anywhere, anyway. My dad got me a board at about age 6…and I haven’t stopped since then. Slowed down maybe, but still can ollie a curb. Skating is my life.
*Editor’s note- It should be known that RENOS has a legendary ollie. The original VAPORS Magazine article featured a photo of him clearing a stomach-high fire hydrant with plenty of room to spare.

photo 2

Would you consider your self a writer’s writer, focusing on traditional rules of style or is your graffiti something more expressive for you?

I try and stay within some parameters of traditional writing, yet also want to push my own comfort zones at the same time. With tags, I am more tradition based, yet with pieces I try and break out and get really fucking weird. I feel I have a pretty solid understanding and foundation to build from, so I want to get really out-there; really fucking strange. I did the same piece for years, and now is a good time to explore and see where I can go…I just want to have fun with it…at the end of the day it is only graff and only a small handful of people in the world even acknowledge us.

Read the full interview in PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.8.5

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