Google Now Collecting Graffiti Images For It’s Portfolio


Today in The NY Times, cultural correspandent Rachel Donadio gives a report from Paris where Google is working with it’s own Google Cultural Institute to archive and catalog more than 4,000 temporary works of art and graffiti from around the world.
According to the article, The Google Street Art Project will make it’s debut this weekend at Palais de Tokyo, a well-known contemporary art center owned supported in part by the City of Paris, which is opening an exhibition on Saturday called “The Lasco Project”.

There are a multitude of views covered in the article, but regardless if you think of it as privacy invasion or another Corporate entity muscling in on Counter Culture, the article is a great read. It also goes on to discuss how Google is working with people like Street Art NYC to make sure locations and work of historical significance such as 5 Pointz are well represented.

All of this aside, it further proves that the power behind un-solicited art/graffiti in it’s natural environment of the cityscape cannot be ignored, and the practitioners need not be the only ones preserving these ephemeral works that make up the greatest Art Movement the world has ever seen.


2 responses to “Google Now Collecting Graffiti Images For It’s Portfolio

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