Making Of A PureFilth Skateboard:














PureFilth is proud to share with you another one of our passions. Pro-quality skateboards made by hand the Old-Fashioned way. Unless you were skating before the year 2002 or so, you may not understand why we go to so much trouble to make something that is just going to be destroyed within hours of it’s first use.
The thing with todays boards is that most are mass produced in China and go through a lot of abuse before they arrive under your feet. Boards just don’t have that crisp “wood” feeling that they used to, and the new heat-transfer graphics don’t slide for shit. Back in the day, your deck was made in either California, or Canada, both with Canadian wood, and then the graphics were screen-printed on, by hand, one color at a time. We believe that this is how boards should be made still, and we are championing a revival for the tried and true process of making the highest-quality skatedecks.
It starts with a pro-quality blank, made in California of Canadian Maple. Then we sand, stain/ paint and sand some more. Before we even print the graphics, the decks have spent a couple hours in our hands, and by the time the finished product is clear coated, a damn-near personal attachment has formed.

In an era were the easy way out is often Option #1, we continue to strive for perfection, making things by hand right here in Austin,Tx.
You can find select designs and shapes now in-store and our Online Shop, as well as at No-Comply, in Austin,Tx


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