Article // Homies by Drew Pickell









This is my first and maybe only “homie spotlight”. This worked out because I did not even intend for it to happen. I came down to San Antonio from Austin to spend a weekend with my “brother from another mother” P.J. Sullivan. He’s basically my skate hero that turned into my best friend. It’s been a minute since I had last seen him and I came down only with the intentions of coming to see how he’s been doing and drink some cold beers. Turns out we went skating. It’s funny how sometimes going skating with the least of intentions becomes the most productive. I caught him up on what I’ve been doing and showed him some photos and videos of homies in Austin shredding. Next thing I know, the two of us are mobbing downtown San Antonio for hours on end. None of these photos are by any means hammers. But this article is not meant for anything more than to show someone that I personally think is the true definition of a skateboarder: someone chilling and doing their own thing, simply popping tre flips when he feels like doing so. This ladies and gentlemen, is P.J. Sullivan: living the “tight lifestyle”…

Words and photography by Drew Pickell

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