Magena Yama // PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.7.5 Teaser & Interview

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Magena Yama is an Italy based model who seems to only be tied down when practicing Shibari. Her modeling is all over the map, from extremely moody art nudes to dangerously sexy glamour images and all impeccably posed. We immediately jumped at the chance to feature her as Corrado Dalco’s muse in PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.7.5. Here’s a little taste of what’s coming in our next issue.

quinn cornchip: What was the mood in the room while these images were being shot?
Magena Yama: I was high on weed and a couple of glass of red wine….the mood was totally [intimate], funny and crazy!
qc: Is there a character you become while modeling? Or is it all raw-self?
MY: The most of the time it’s all raw self, but sometimes I’m asked as a model to adopt skills as an actress, in those cases I become the interpreter myself, using the infinite possible combinations of my personality. This is like bringing to yourself emotions, thoughts, feelings, and using them the best to interpret what you want or that you are asked to

qc: You move very gracefully between art nude and erotica, is that a difficult feat?
MY: I’m happy that you used the word Grace. It’s not difficult for me, because It’s something that deeply belongs to me and even in the simplest imagines that I make with photographer there always a reason, a view, a purpose.
I think that is not possibile to produce credibile erotic photography without strongly [believing in] eroticism and sexuality as fundamental values

qc:  Who or what are your artistic influences?
MY: Life ( many artists as well but I don’t like to make lists)

qc:  What is the best ice breaker at a photoshoot?
MY: Simplicity, and ok maybe some wine;)

qc:  What is the best use of a stiletto heel?
MY: as a shoe, there are some objects wich can’t have a different use, they have it intrinsically

qc: What is the craziest story from a night out that you can tell us?
MY: I can’t tell you!!:D i could not choose and I would need many pages

See more of Magena on her Website, Tumblr and  Model Mayhem
Above images courtesy of Corrado Dalco.

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