Model Watch // Isabeau Davis


What inspired the shoot, was it your idea or the photographer?
The photographer approached me with the concept, which I loved immediately. Took a while to co-ordinate as he was insistent on a one-by-four landing strip! He wanted thick white smoke from the joint and all natural lighting, starting with the lighting coming through the window and ending with the deep orange glow from the street lamps

The mood seems to change through the shots, did you sense this as you were being photographed?
Definitely! It would have something to do with how comfortable I began to feel as we shot. To begin with, I admit I was pretty starstruck to be shooting with someone who’s photographed the likes of the legendary actor Heath Ledger  and the incredible electronic duo The Chemical Brothers… But as I began to relax, working with Julian was a breeze, and I really let loose all my inhibitions.

Did you have a vision in your head about how they would look, or did you just go with the flow?
Julian wanted the photographs to resemble flashbacks, perhaps to someone reliving an amazing sexual escapade. But yeah, we did just go with the flow. When I look at them, I feel like I resemble a rockstar’s groupie who ended up being his favourite, who he kept around and photographed as his muse.

Photographer: Julian Smith –
All shot on location in Melbourne, Australia.
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