Model Watch // Cam Damage

Cam Damage is a Pennsylvania based model and has been one of Mr Glass and I’s model crushes since our LupineLusting days, when Tumblr had her at the top of their Tumblarity list. She’s an erotic powerhouse with an air of subtlety that allows her to rush right up to the line of pornography without ever quite crossing it. In the past she and I have bonded over booty pictures, John Waters and telling prudes to shut it, I’m excited to bring you all into our filthy little world.

quinn cornchip: First of all, I have to admit that I think the first thing that caught my and many others’ attention was your booty. It is magical. Recently there have been quite a few very, very sexy spanking gifs and videos with you and  your beau, Bradley. Who’s idea was it to start recording these sessions? Did it take a lot or any convincing from either of you?
Cam Damage: Well, first of all – thank you very much.  From one cute booty to another.  *ker-wink*.  We had always wanted to post videos like that actually when we first started tumblr-in, so it didn’t take much convincing on either end.  We had already posed naked together and stuff so it wasn’t that much of a step anywhere.  We didn’t finally make any though until we were inspired by littlemissspankypants and her fella.  They aren’t around any more, but they posted some great spanking videos.  We took a note from them and decided to make our own, which were in turn gif’d by several people out there on the interwebs.  As we all know, gifs are supreme to videos, and tumblr loves butts, so those gifs get around.  I see them uncredited all over the place now.  Identifying tattoos for the win!

qc: The images of you nude together are great. Very hot, yet I don’t feel either the videos or images are necessarily pornographic, and though there is nudity and hints of eroticism they still seem very innocent. On the other hand, I feel as though you bring a very potent sexuality to your fashion and editorial work. How do you maintain that balance? Is it something you do consciously?
CD:  I really appreciate that description actually.  Nudity and eroticism without being explicitly pornographic. That’s a lot of what I go for for the most part with my work.  I initially went into modeling very balls-out, and that would be literal if I had balls.  Some of my earliest shots are very explicit and show all of my downstairs business, and I felt maybe being that explicit would limit me somehow when it came to more fashion/editorial work, so I made the conscious effort to rein it in a little bit.  Now I try to focus my nude work towards more emotive or expressive forms of eroticism, trying to move more towards story telling within a single frame.  For instance with my self shots, although some are just silly and obviously just about my butt, some I sincerely focus on the shape of my body and the expression of my face, hands, feet, etc.  I want to show an emotion with my whole self, not just show off my butt.  Though I do a lot of the latter regardless.  I’m  not sure if i’ve exactly found a balance yet as I’m a very sexual person who likes expressing said sexuality, but I’m working on it.

qc: You’ve  definitely found that balance and pushed a lot of boundaries in sexuality, gender, fashion and human interaction with Fox Harvard and his girlfriend, Michelle. How did y’all get acquainted and what sparked the almost sexual anarchist vibe you all have together?
CD: Fox and Michelle are awesome people.  Fox approached me early on when I began modeling a bit over a year ago.  I was shocked he had as I thought his stuff was incredible, and I didn’t think I was anywhere near the caliber model he shot regularly.  Of course I said I’d be down to FL as soon as possible to shoot with him.  Soon after I realized who Michelle was from my days on a forbidden site that must not be named.. and I was even more excited for the visit.  I’m not sure if we talked about it first or if Fox brought it up the night of, but at some point he ran the idea by me to do a “piss portrait”.  I asked if I’d be the one who got peed on and he said no, so I said I was totally down.  The way he described the picture it actually sounded really lovely, not at all sexual necessarily even.  I remember we went out to sushi dinner and I drank so much water, by the time we got back to their place I had to pee so bad that we did the shot almost immediately.  For some reason it was completely normal peeing on Michelle as she posed serenely for Fox’s camera, and the normalcy of it forever bonded Michelle, Fox and I together in urine-dom.  Once you’ve peed on a mans girlfriends head and face in front of him, there’s nothing that could make you uncomfortable.  Fox is probably one of the only people outside of my family besides my fiance I can fart in front of without caring, and I cherish that closeness.  Since that portrait and our first time together we’ve consistently pushed boundaries and made some really awesome stuff together – I can’t wait to shoot with him more (next month actually).

qc: In the spirit of bonding, we want to know – if you wrote a letter to your past self, when you first started modeling in any form,  what would you tell yourself?

Dear 13 year old self,
First of all, you’re too young to be taking naked pictures of yourself.  You’re far too eager to please that boy simply because he likes Nine Inch Nails as much as you do.  The relationship won’t last.  Stop it.  Focus on photography for the next 4 years instead of taking stupid self shots for boys and websites and stupid random imageboards and produce some actually artful images.  Practice posing, study light, acquire cameras and films, all that jazz.  Get your own photographic style, and cultivate the person you’re going to be.  By the time you’re 17 or 18 start pursuing modeling and find your niche.  Then fly like a little modely bird to your dreams, because that brings you to where I am now and I have no idea where I’m going.  Oh and don’t drink from now on, it’s stupid.
Your awesome future self that you would love if you met me.
All photos by Chip Willis
See more of Cam Damage and read more interviews in upcoming issues of PUREFILTH Magazine – as a DIY girl and featured model.
You can also find her on Tumblr and Model Mayhem




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