Model Watch // Claudia Dambra

Claudia Dambra is a Texas born model currently based in Houston, TX. She hates cats, loves malt liquor.
I write at least 4 pages of nonsense in my journals within every 24 hour period. I drink a lot of coffee and geek out alone in my town house.

PUREFILTH : What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Claudia Dambra : My favorite song to dance to would probably be Working by Cock Sparrer. That shit jams so hard, you can’t but to stomp around.

PF : What’s the best thing about being a model?
CD : The best thing about being a model would have to be the amount of doors that are opened for me, literally and metaphorically. In the past few years as I’ve worked my way up I’ve met so many rad fucking people, had so many new experiences, and got so many free drinks. And on top of that, my work has truly given me a sense of confidence; something that was so hard for me to maintain in my younger years.

PF : Do you have any summer plans?
CD : Summer plans, hmm. I recently jumped off of a roof and broke my ankle so a majority of my scheduled activities have been crippled, lol. As for things that don’t involve walking or swimming, I am working on my interior design portfolio to be accepted to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I am also capitalizing on my injury the best way I know how, fetish photo sets! yay!

Model Mayhem

Danny Nguyen is a Vietnamese clothing designer with his own store in Houston, TX.
I am not a photographer, I just enjoy taking Polaroid of sexy bitch.
PUREFILTH : What’s your favorite article of clothing?
Danny Nguyen : Black suit everyday all day
PF : What’s your drink of choice?
DN : Vietnamese coffee
PF : What was your inspiration for these photos?
DN : The beauty of the body and innocent of nature and god

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