PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.4.5 Contributors

Walnutwax / Stuart Mitchell – Photographer

“I see myself as a no-frills guerilla style photographer…when I’m shooting I use limited resources and rely more on energy and imagination to get results….I’m basically trying to bring punk rock back to photography…” – In his own words.

Do you consider what you do to be an art, or something else altogether? 

For sure I see it as art. If someone can spread their own shit on a canvas and call it art then I can take images of beautiful women and call it art. Haha…

What does your camera mean to you? Is it an extension of you, or just a tool?

It’s very much my vehicle to being creative. I do see it as an extension of me. I never leave the house without a camera because I don’t wanna be that guy who says “I wish I had a camera with me.”

– Excerpt from Mr. Glass interviewing WalnutWax for PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.4.5

Website  |  Flickr  |  Facebook  |  Model Mayhem

SLIEone – Graffiti

“Jon Booker, aka Slie One, is a 33-year-old graffiti and abstract artist from sunny California. Jon was born in 1977, in Orange County Ca, but moved up to Santa Cruz in 1980. Spending most of his childhood there he decided to leave Santa Cruz in the late 80′s and moved all around for a while not really calling one place home. This pattern stayed with Jon his whole life until now. Jon lived in Westminster, Santa Cruz, Huntington Beach, Bordeaux, Tel Aviv, Modesto, San Francisco, Seattle, Brooklyn, LA, and now Austin, Texas. While attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco in 1995, Jon started painting graffiti. Jon’s love for the aerosol arts pulled him away from school and brought him down to Santa Cruz where he painted his way right into the widely known “Tits Crew.” […] Currently, Jon resides in Austin, Texas and runs his own art gallery “Seventy Seven Gallery.” The name of the gallery is based on the year he was born. Over the last 6 months of running the gallery Jon and Zack have still remained great friends and have been working on the clothing line “Butter N Bacon” originally given its name by Zack Stover. The team has already had one successful shirt together with Jon’s old partners company Tits Brand clothing. The shirt was entitled “White Girl” and was a top seller for Tits Brand “two in the shirt” on KarmaLoop.com. Being that you are now reading this bio on the Butter N bacon website you can see that hard work and great friendship can bring you a great product. Please enjoy the conceptual comedy t-shirts of Jon and Zack and please contact either one for any inquiries at all.” – Butter ‘N’ Bacon TITS Crew Bio

Website  |  Twitter

Samantha Bentley – Model / Porn Star

Samantha Bentley is a UK based model, porn star, pole dancer, singer, songwriter and all around bad ass.

You’re all over the artistic spectrum, do you have any alter egos when writing music, acting or modeling?

I guess Samantha Bentley is an alter ego because in real life I’m very reserved and antisocial. Where as to be her I am very in your face and a complete exhibitionist…

What does sexual empowerment mean to you?

I can do whatever I want sexually and have sex with whoever I want without feeling like I’ve been used or feeling like a slut. I think it’s a lot harder for women to feel sexually empowered. I definitely do, doing this job makes me feel very in control of everything, which is funny because so many people say it’s degrading. I don’t feel degraded lying by a pool in some tropical location with a super hot girl going down on me and then getting a pay check at the end of it…

-Excerpt from quinn cornchip interviewing Samantha Bentley for PUREFILTH Vol.4.5

Website  |  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

Allay – D.I.Y.F.S.

“I’m a girl. A real one, who loves shopping, being nude, music, travels…I’m into tattoos and piercings. I’m French, but I love pizza I’m a medical student, wanna be a doctor. I love boys, my boyfriend, every boys. German boys. I ride a fixed gear, and I think it’s cool. I’m 20 and not ready to choose the life I want, so I do a lot of things, I make clothes, I like painting, playing music.” – Excerpt from PUREFILTH Vol.4.5

GodsGirls  |  Twitter  |  Blog  |  Tumblr


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