PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.3.5 Contributors

TheDirtyStory – Photographer

“Hello. I am thedirtystory, some of you may know me … some of you may not. may know me … some of you may not. I hope to create sexually charged imagery which is well humoured, respectful and above all true collaborations with my subjects most of whom are friends or fellow creatives. I hate fake. I hate fashion. I hate laboriously boring masculine sexual imagery and erotic cliches. I hope to avoid these and create something fresh and exciting. I hope I get close to this aim. I sell prints of all my work … I am open to working with new models and love to collaborate with non-photographic artists.” In his own words.

Website  |  Flickr  |  Model Mayhem

COPE2 – Graffiti

“Fernando Carlo (also known as Cope2) is a artist from the kingsbridge section of the Bronx, New York. He has been a graffiti artist since 1978-79, and has gained international credit for his work. Though he is now known worldwide as being a general founder of graffiti, he didn’t receive recognition in the mainstream graffiti world until the mid-1990s Cope2’s cousin “Chico 80” influenced Cope into writing. In 1982 he made his own crew called Kids Destroy and eventually it changed to Kings Destroy after he dubbed himself “King of the 4 Line”. Cope2 is well-known for his “throw-up” and is also one of the most known users of “wildstyle” graffiti, a style which originated in the Bronx.” – COPE2 Wikipedia

Website  |  12oz. Prophet

Katy Cee – Model

Katy Cee is a London based model who also has her own prop shop company, specializing in taxidermy rentals, called The House of Deads.

Do you model often, and for how long?

Yes, it is my full time job for the last 4 years. But its all different types of modeling, not just nudies, which can be commercial, catalogues, editorials and such likes.

What makes you happy?

Right now I would have to say sleep, actually spending time with my boyfriend who lives 3000 miles away, puppies and food. Good food makes most people happy.

-Excerpt from Mr. Glass interviewing Katy Cee for PUREFILTH Vol.3.5

Website  |  Model Mayhem  |  The House of Deads

quinn cornchip – D.I.Y.F.S.

quinn cornchip is a walrus enthusiast from Austin, TX. From innocuous nymphet to tattooed tramp, the road to becoming Cornchip was laid out in the stars. Yes,there is much mythology of quinn, like how she washed upon a balinese beach upon the opened lips of a conch shell; or how she once saved a village from a manticore, fighting it off with only her great looks. quinn’s signature pose is “Uber Walrus”, but is on her way to perfecting the “Walrusupermegaultraplus”. Catch her self-shot slaggy self in Vol.3.5

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