PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.2.5 Contributors

Fox Harvard – Photographer

“To jump-start, I’m 35 and am essentially a self-taught photographer.

I started when I was 16; my grandfather gave me my first camera when I was a sophomore in high school, and rarely have I stopped shooting since (my father was into photography when he was younger as well, but he only dabbled in it as I was growing up). I used to work a great deal in mixed-media too, but not having as large a studio space any more (that I’m free to dirty up) is primarily what prevents me from working in that medium still. Most of my current work is environmental, not studio-based, and for the moment I prefer it as such.

I’m a native Floridian; born in Tampa, raised in Sarasota. After a divorce, I spent the better part of 2008-2009 working & shooting in Paris and now reside in Clearwater, FL. Aptly  being named the “cultural coast”, it should come as no surprise then that I was raised in the arts growing up–and being raised so, I felt that an inherent sense of composition was as good a reason as any for starting photography. Even as a child I loved drawing & painting things that stood out from the rest of the class’s body of work and as a teenager thought photography would be the next logical step in that progression. But every medium is different, so I actually wound up jumping into it with the usual amateur mistakes; essentially just not putting enough serious thought into the “why” of what I was doing instead of focusing on the human elements of what all the medium was capable of. Then I began shooting only people, and all the nuance of emotion and feeling that I had been looking for just seemed to fall into place.” – In his own words.

Website  |  Flickr  |  Tumblr  

ACK! – Graffiti

ACK! is a Houston based graffiti artist known for his ghosts and drooling character.

“I think ACK! is probably the first person I ever saw actually in action tagging. I was working at a late night sandwich shop and had just gotten incredibly stoned with my manager and other coworker. The three of us stepped out for a cigarette and across the street were two guys walking down the sidewalk, each had  Popeye-esque forearms under their dark sweaters. They suddenly stopped at the corner, their forearms shifted revealing paint cans and they each painted while the other stood watch. My manager blurted out “I can’t believe we’re seeing this live.” My coworker and I burst out laughing, when we finally caught our breath the call box across the street had a bubbly cartoon ghost with x’s for eyes floating on it. For years I would think about my manager being so blown away and would laugh to myself thinking about his reaction; but I never really gave thought about the graffiti until FAILURE suggested ACK! for this issue. In looking for information on ACK!’s Flickr archive, I came across his old ghosts from 2007.  I was suddenly taken back to that night and how great the air was outside and what an easy summer that was and how seeing ACK! on the corner not giving a fuck and writing on walls encouraged me to take my own chances which lead me to where I am today. This has nothing to do with ACK! himself, as I don’t think he even knows that I ever saw him painting, but more about how I was a girl that sliced ham for 6 bucks an hour, with no knowledge of graffiti or real exposure to it, who was very affected by a silly ACK!  ghost. And thank goodness!” – quinn cornchip

Website  |  Flickr

Ms. Michelle – Model

Michelle is a Florida based model in her early twenties.

What is your life like at this moment/ does it differ from when these photos were taken?

As normal as anyone’s, I imagine… I’ve always tried to be an open-minded person, so I’ve never considered sexual expression as anything to be ashamed of, so I really couldn’t say that I feel any different now as opposed to before I started modeling for fun – not money, by the way – maybe for other photographers/artists I’d charge, but we have other arrangements. 😉 I am a little bit of an exhibitionist I guess. I never wear underwear, but that’s mainly for comfort purposes. And I do give the odd nonchalant up-skirt every now & then or things like not wearing a bra with a semi-sheer shirt (say that three times fast…), so that’s probably why i like doing shoots like those; it’s a nice release and I like seeing the end result. Other than that sort of fun, life at the moment is occupied with being a student (pre-med) & a full-time employee (front-desk work).

What are you most thankful for?

[…] I guess it would have to be for anything good in my life that I am fortunate enough to chance upon: friends, new experiences, love, etc. I try to be thankful for everything, honestly. I just love feeling alive.

-Exerpt from Fox Harvard interviewing Ms. Michelle for  PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.2.5


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