PUREFILTH Magazine Vol.1.5 Contributors

Mr. Glass – Photographer

Mr. Glass grew up loving graffiti, girls, and junk food.  He fell into photography by way of graffiti documentation, learning how to capture blissful moments quickly, in harsh circumstances. His photo shoots are often simple, fun, and directed by the models themselves.
Mr. Glass is from Houston, TX and now based in Austin, TX. His photography has been featured in multiple well known publications both in print and online, he has worked with some of the best names in modeling and street wear and is the creator/editor of PUREFILTH Magazine.

Website  |  Flickr  |  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Model Mayhem

FAILURE – Graffiti

Angry, Young, and Poor…
Brute force executed with delicate precision.
Passion holding itself back.

“FAILURE has been painting grafitti outdoors since 1993 and began with the FAILURE poster imagery in the early 2000’s in Houston. FAILURE is the founder and Editor of PUREFILTH Magazine, a quarterly fine art photography journal and the Art Director for MadGods clothing. ” – Dallas Contemporary

 Website  |  Flickr

quinn cornchip – Model

quinn cornchip is an Austin, TX based model. She got started in an alt-girl site in 2004 and has since been featured in multiple publications in the U.S. and U.K. as well as online publications and ads. quinn works as social media manager, model and artistic director for Heels and Candy; and also works as Associate Editor of PUREFILTH Magazine.

Tumblr  |  Model Mayhem  | Twitter  |  Facebook

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